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Dear all

I have one question in mind that i would ask for your help.

That s: what is surrender B/l ? and what is its usage?

Thanks for your comment.


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BL Surrender and Benifits

If the shipper is dispatching the original B/L, the courier will reach to the consignee after 2-3 days only. So the consignee will request to  the shipper to surrender the original B/L to the shipping company at the point of origin / the same shipping company where he has collected the original B/L.     


The shipping company will transmit the msg to their counterpart at the port of discharge “as the shipper has surrendered the original B/L and issue DO without original B/L”, after collection of original B/L by the shipping company.


Mostly Shipper will agree B/L surrender, if the shipper received the payment in advance. But some cases, L/C accepted this clause “ telex release msg acceptable in lieu of original B/L” . But not common because of risk.


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Surrender B/L

Surrender B/L means applicant has to surrender original b/l to carrier.

For more info, plz go thru the below link


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Surrender Bill of lading

Hi Friend,

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